Greek Phone Cards

A few words about the cards

The Greek telephone card

In the end of 1987, The Hellenic Organization of Telecommunications (OTE) decided to try and print the first telephone cards.

Till 1992 too many cards were printed and tested and even magnetic cards were created till OTE ended up in today's form of telephone cards. In September 1992 the first official telephone card made its appearance after it was presented at the International Exhibition in Thessaloniki. For that reason The Hellenic Organization of Telecommunications had set telephone booths outside the exhibition center and many cards, with the sun of Vergina printed on them, were given out for free.

The sides of the telephone cards

The following elements can be found on the two sides of the telephone cards:

1 The subject

2 The code and numbering

3 The chip

4 The credits or the value of the card

5 The trademark of The Hellenic Organization of Telecommunications

6 Production and expiration date

7 Tirage

Phonecards Chip Types - O.T.E

G.P.T 01

G.P.T 02

Gemplus 01

Gemplus 02

Gemplus 03

Orga 01

Orga 02

Orga 03

Orga 04

Schlumberger 01

Schlumberger 02

Schlumberger 03

Schlumberger 04


Environment 01

Environment 02

Environment 03

Environment 04


Namako 01

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